Empowerment filled the air at Max Maras Women in Film Awards a few days ago.  While women behind the camera were honoured, it was the women in front on this years Red Carpet that turned heads.

Fifteen stunners made my list tonight of which all showcased a number of different styles.  The feminine suit though is always worn at this event.  However, oranges and reds made appearances this year with simple and natural hair styles taking the crown.

Amanda Steele

Amanda Stelle rocking orange in a jumpsuit.  While the bright colour works, I question the bag and shoe choice for colour and texture – too much shine!  Love a gathered necklace for a low neck-line and her up-do really works with the big earrings and bold eyeliner.  The pants are borderline tights though, which is probably not okay, however it works.  Maybe an adjustment is necessary next time so that the hem lines up.  Sorry Mandy.

Brittany Snow Photo: Vogue

Brittany perfectly balances the all black, classy and edgy look this year.  The jacked is borderline bomber which I like as it casuals down the skirt.  Big hoop earring are definitely making a comeback this season and Brittany works them perfectly with simple makeup and clutch.

Holland Roden

Oh Holland wins best up do in my books – the perfect messy bun.  However, it could have really come to live with a bold earring.  In fact, I’m not sure she owns any jewellery.  Although her pumps are lost in the carpet, they’re cute.  Love the print, however I question the use of the singlet silhouette.

Harley Quinn Smith

This look is definitely Harley in a nutshell.  I despise these straps and the breast line of the dress is hideous and not flattering.  However, I like how Harley has put this together.  I always dig a pump strap but is that a bow?  She also could have used a bracelet or two to match the shine of the dress.

Kat Graham

My spirit animal and ultimate girl crush Kat baby is slaying this year.  She completely embodies the event – empowerment.  The blazer look is one hundred percent power and her natural waves bring the look alive.  I struggle to see the figure of the dress with the contrast of the background but I assume it fits nicely and avoids the oversized-boyfriends-blazer style.  Only criticism is the shoes – they either have terrible lining or are a size too big.  I hope the latter.

Zoey Deutch Photo: Celebz

Another bold red tonight.  I also love the suit theme that is happening.  I despise the earrings but overall a beautiful suit.  Velvet is always a risky choice and must be styled correctly which I believe she does.  Her hair and makeup is simply beautiful and I love that she has pulled up the sleeves to emphasise the vibe.

Ireland Baldwin

I am always against a down-do and a high neckline and everyones black shoes are making it hard to judge them.  For some reason this dress reminds me of a sewing project gone wrong.  Its probably the look the designer was going for but the inconsistency, the gathers in the wrong places, the fitting around the torso, it just looks all wrong.

Sophia Bush Photo: Vogue

Oh Sophia, girl crush number two.  I am also obsessed with the Chicago series so my love for her just grows.  I am against the clutch for this look but the blazer and pant is stunning.  She matched it with a perfectly simple white top and that beautifully waved bob that we all know and love.  Those white pumps are bold and they’re growing on me.

Katherine Mcnamara

Adorable.  I love a good, bubbly print and Katherine has nailed it.  Chokers are hard to pull off but the simplicity of this one changes up the look.  This is complete class and her hair is lovely.  I question the colour of her pumps though, but the look is gorgeous.

jamie king
Jamie King Photo: Flash of Stars

First of all I hope that Jamie King learns from this terrible pose.  I love her hair and makeup – the bold eye works beautifully with the dark overcoat and theme of the look.  The dress is average but I believe that the overcoat brings the look to life.


Olivia Holt

I very much love this.  Very much.  I always adore a high pant (especially because I am 6ft tall) but these are brilliant.  I am against the top as I appreciate simplicity and not bra-like crops.  Otherwise, the coloured overcoat is beautiful – wish I could see the full print.  Another bag choice perhaps?

Peyton List

I hope Peyton had a better time than she looks like she did.  I despise the shoes and the colour is a bad choice.  I am confused about the top half of the dress.  I understand the spots but to combine this with a lace pattern on top of a contradicting neck-line and the shoulder material part – it just doesn’t work.  I wish I loved this look more than I do.

Poppy Delevingne

A more appropriate hemline would have gone a long way.  I do love this jumpsuit though and I appreciate her hair and makeup.  The necklace piece could have been excluded and a red lip would have brought the look to life but overall, Poppy looks great.

Rose McIver

Some people look so sad tonight.  Rose has gone extra simple and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Her hair and makeup is stunning, I love a gentle-waved bob and those earrings are bold but gorgeous.  The dress however, I feel like it misses the mark.  I love the clutch though.

Zelda Williams

Last but not least, Zelda wearing an off red suit and I love its uniqueness.  I’m still figuring out if this is a skirt and top or jumpsuit but regardless, the look is quite bold.  Again, some jewellery would have formalised the look and her hair and makeup is average but Zelda looks lovely.

Overall, the MaxMaras Women in Film Awards Red Carpet went off with a bang.  Lots of bold colours that worked and looks that screamed empowerment.

Congratulations to all of the winners on the night.  For more information on the Women In Media awards, visit the website here.


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