In the world of fashion, you have to be on your feet.  You must show initiative and determination to prove your worth in the industry.

My name is Emma Jane.  I am here to do exactly this.  Prove my worth in the world of which I plan to work in one day, professionally that is.


Upon my completion of Media, Communications and Journalism studies at University, after many internships and Fashion College applications, I decided it was time to form my own empire.  20 years may not be long enough to do such a thing, but it might.

Publishing is a gift.  It is the gift I plan to give to you.  Straight from the runway – a phase I thought of just moments ago.  If you look past the clichè, it poses accuracy for EPHORA INC.  I plan to be the sole writer for this blog, writing as often as possible about the latest in fashion and potentially beauty news.

I would love for you to join the journey of EPHORA INC.  Though at this moment it is a small one, I see big things for the name.  If it must start, it must start somewhere.


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